Blue Hill Organic Restaurant

Blue Hill NYC Restaurant

If you are like me, a New Yorker that spends some of their free time and a lot of their money at restaurants, then you probably have this magical farm outside of town on your hit list. Located in downtown Manhattan on Washington Place between sixth and Macdougal street, Blue Hill one of the top notch restaurants in the city. You probably know that the majority of what you eat at Blue Hill comes from the farm that the restaurant is situated on. This makes for an incredible meal that you leave in the chef’s hands, known as the Farmer’s Feast. It’s a marathon of a dinner, but it will blow your mind. The quality of the ingredients and the creativity in which they are presented is unparalleled, and as good as advertised. What really impressed us though, was the attention to the experience as a whole, and the over-the-top efforts that the staff made to ensure that we learned something. Want to know what was in that incredible brioche thing you just had? We highly recommend that you make your own field trip to Blue Hill and if you want to get the most out of your journey, we suggest going well ahead of your reservation time. You need to have a reservation months before and it really worth it. Enjoy!


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