If you have plans to come to New York to establish residency or a business our firm offers a white glove service to get you settled into a New York Life style.

Our VIP Services cover; real estate investment and brokerage, consulting on funding developments, logistics and residency visa solutions. Clients benefit from our network of professionals who are expert in their fields covering all aspects of real estate transactions, from short-term rentals to mortgage brokers and immigration attorneys, to the construction of a condominium building in New York City.

MMRE will act as your personal liaison between New York and Turkey throughout the home and office search providing the following services:

Evaluate the needs and requirements of each client.

When Clients come to the United States, we provide a full concierge service ranging from airport pick up, to hotel or a short-term rental and restaurant suggestions, shopping, to Broadway shows, sporting events and things to know about the city.

Providing information and orientation on; neighborhoods, locations, condos, coops, or investment opportunities and explaining the various options.

Arranging appointments to visit properties.

Provide personalized service for Clients in providing referrals to mortgage brokers, real estate attorneys, tax attorneys with seamless continuity throughout the transaction process and post-closing to assist with logistics and interior design for the settling-in process.

Determine applicable routes to residency through visa applications, including investments for E-2 and EB-5 visas.

Providing additional Consultancy or other services as may be agreed between MMRE and our client.